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B2B Bench to Bedside - Utah's premier health care innovation competition Bench to Bedside is a Course

Bench to Bedside

Started Sep 29, 2020


Full course description

Utah's premier health care innovation competition, the Bench to Bedside (B2B) program offers students from all backgrounds the opportunity to learn from health care professionals about the problems facing day-to-day patient care, and develop tangible, innovative solutions. 


Join the Bench to Bedside Canvas Course

We've set-up a Bench to Bedside Canvas course for students to stay up-to-date on B2B programming and access resources in a single, easy to use platform. Students from universities across Utah are invited to participate in this program. To enroll in this program: 

  • University of Utah Students
    • Please use your existing uNID login to enroll. This will enable the Bench to Bedside course to appear in your course dashboard alongside your other courses, and send notifications to your University email address. 

  • Non University of Utah Students
    • To enroll in this course, you will need to create a guest account via the University of Utah's Instructure account.


Program Overview

  • Multidisciplinary student teams form during the fall semester and begin developing their projects. Throughout the academic year, educational workshops are presented by industry professionals for teams to better understand the pathway from concept to commercialization in the medical device and health care industry.
  • Along the way, teams meet with specialists in the fields of engineering, regulatory affairs, and patent law to discuss their project's specific needs.
  • In the spring semester, teams will finalize their projects and submit a "competition packet" summarizing the clinical requirements, engineering, and business model each team developed throughout the program.
  • Once reviewed by a community of judges with expertise, competitors, mentors, judges, investors, university leadership, family, friends, and the general public are invited to gather at the Utah State Capitol Building in April for the annual Competition Night. Here, teams present their projects to attendees throughout the evening, culminating in an awards ceremony where nearly $100,000 in milestone funding will be awarded to the top performing teams.

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Events Calendar

To see upcoming Bench to Bedside events, please visit our event calendar, available here

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Questions? Let us know!

If you have any questions about the Bench to Bedside program please feel free to contact us directly via email at We also have a Frequently Asked Questions section available at the link below

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About the Center for Medical Innovation

A collaborative effort among the University of Utah's leaders in health, business, engineering, and commercialization, the Center for Medical Innovation combines formal education programs, faculty and student project development, and support and facilitation of device development and commercialization. The center creates a one-stop-shop environment that assists both the novice and experienced innovator through ideation, concept generation, intellectual property, market analysis, prototyping and testing, business plan development, and commercialization.

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