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Export Policy Control Training is a Course

Export Policy Control Training



Full course description

This is a Special Event, and does not count toward a Certificate of Achievement. 


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The University of Utah, in compliance with federal law, actively manages the export of any sensitive equipment, software and technology in accordance with national security interests and foreign policy objectives. This training will provide a practical orientation of export control topics in the context of research and related service activities. All Principal Investigators, Research Administrators, Postdoctoral Scholars and Students are invited to attend one of these important and informative programs. The presentation will include:

  • Regulatory background (EAR, ITAR, OFAC)
  • Export Enforcement among research institutions
  • Fundamental Research exclusions and what that means in the context of sponsored research and proprietary agreements
  • Preserving FRE status (tools and research); acceptance of restrictions and implications for research results
  • Classification/Jurisdiction determinations
  • Defense Services and implications for research
  • Outbound export requirements - licensing considerations
  • Laboratory access requirements
  • Technology Control Plans, licensing where required etc.
  • Proprietary and fee-for-service agreements/Technology Transfer
  • Travel Abroad/Conferences/Performing research activities abroad within/outside of FRE coverage
  • Visitors and scholar exchanges - H1 certification and screening requirements
  • Procurement, Shipping and Finance Considerations
  • MOUs pertaining to international collaborations
  • Special topics with sensitive export control implications: super computing; nuclear applications; space-related research; source code
  • OFAC restrictions
  • Question & Answer Session

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