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Foundations in Research Compliance is a Course

Foundations in Research Compliance



Full course description

This is the REd Online (ASYNCHRONOUS) Class.

Class Description: In this class we will explore some of the compliance resources available to you.  In addition, the information in the class will provide you with a basis for taking other REd classes on compliance.  This class is an overview and should ensure you have a foundation about the following units and activities related to compliance in the research context. 

Class Objectives:


  • Provide a brief overview of research compliance activities at the University of Utah
  • Understand the work of the units in the Human Research Protections Program (HRPP) at the University of Utah
  • Explore how to access and use the information at Foundations
  • Determine the impact and importance of billing compliance
  • Consider and articulate sponsor expectations for compliance
  • Differentiate the types of compliance activities that are forthcoming through OnCore
  • Highlight the various resources available to ensure compliance activities in the research context



Caren J. Frost, PhD, MPH
Director, Office of Research Integrity & Compliance
Office of Research Integrity & Compliance


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