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Protocol Billing Grids (PBG) and Medicare Coverage Analysis (MCA) - 4/6/2022 is a Course

Protocol Billing Grids (PBG) and Medicare Coverage Analysis (MCA) - 4/6/2022

Starts Apr 6, 2022


Full course description

LIVE SESSION: Wednesday, April 6, 2022 @10:00am - 11:00am, Zoom

Class Description: Designed for clinical research personnel conducting financial feasibility of a study, this class will describe the purpose of a consistent billing plan and study procedure analysis. The Protocol Billing Grid (PBG) will be explained and related to proper Medicare Coverage Analysis (MCA). Definitions of relevant terms and descriptions will be provided including "billable" / "non-billable" items, Standard of Care (SOC), "research only", research team effort, diagnosis code, and frequency and length of service (LOS). The relationship of PBGs and MCA to federal regulation, institutional policy, and study audits will be discussed.


Class Objectives: At the conclusion of this class, you should be able to:

  • Discuss the Federal laws and regulations that govern research billing
  • Explain how research billing compliance protects our institution and our patients
  • Discuss items and services can and should be billed to insurance during a clinical trial
  • Articulate where to find University resources that can help with coverage analysis

REd Synchronous classes are taught by subject matter experts, and provide both fundamental and advanced skills training in flipped classroom format. These classes are offered live (currently, via Zoom), wherein participants will attend and participate in a 1-hour presentation and will be held responsible for completing any required pre-class and/or post-class activities outside the classroom (these activities can include: readings, videos, etc.). Participants can expect to spend up to 1-hour with these activities. The total duration for these synchronous classes is approximately 2-hours.   

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