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Principles of Contracts, Subcontracts and Subawards is a Course

Principles of Contracts, Subcontracts and Subawards



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This is a REd Asynchronous (online/self-paced) Class.

Class Description: Participants will understand the key concepts involved in the contracting and subcontracting process and will learn about the roles, responsibilities and expectations of all parties associated with these types of agreements. The duties of prime recipients and sub-awardees will be presented as well as the University policies and federal regulations involved in the management of contract agreements. Topics such as intellectual property, patents and copyrights, publications, indemnification, confidentiality and signature authority will be discussed and a comprehensive review of the legal terms, conditions and potential problem areas commonly seen in contracts and subcontracts will be presented. Issues related to typical work flow and activity will be explained and resources for finding additional information and assistance will be provided.



Gary Christensen
Sponsored Projects Officer
Office of Sponsored Projects


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