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Research Participant Advocacy and the Informed Consent Process - TBA Session is a Course

Research Participant Advocacy and the Informed Consent Process - TBA Session

Started Mar 2, 2021


Full course description

THIS LISTING IS THE TBA SESSION OF THIS CLASS. To be notified when a session of this class is scheduled, or if you cannot attend the already scheduled course, please enroll in this class.

Class Description: The process of informed consent will be considered from the research participant's perspective. Topics covered include Good Clinical Practice (GCP) when addressing participant questions and concerns, how the informed consent process can be improved for the participant, how Health Literacy impacts the informed consent process in clinical research, and what a therapeutic misconception is and how can it be avoided. These topics and more will be the focus of discussion in this open forum presentation.


Objectives: At the conclusion of this class, you should be able to:

  • Describe research thru the eyes of the participant, who are you offering research opportunities too, who's not being represented in your research?
  • Discuss tips to effectively communicate the required elements of consent.
  • Identify when someone has a low health literacy level and still have a meaningful informed consent discussion.
  • Identify potential misunderstandings your participants may have.


REd Synchronous classes are taught by subject matter experts and provide both fundamental and advanced skills training in flipped classroom format. To register for upcoming trainings, click here to view our calendar.

Class Duration: Total duration for synchronous classes are approximately 2 hours. Those two (2) hours will be broken down into: 

  • A live session which will take approximately 1 hour (45-minute presentation and 15-minute Q&A) and; 
  • Pre and Post-work activities which will take approximately 1 hour, in total.

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