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Seminars on the Utah Population Database (UPDB): Session 2 is a Course

Seminars on the Utah Population Database (UPDB): Session 2



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The Utah Population Database (UPDB) is a unique and world-renowned University of Utah resource for genetic, epidemiologic and demographic research. There are currently over 100 projects covering a broad range of research topics that have been approved to use the UPDB. Three distinct but related sessions are being offered to describe the research opportunities available by accessing the UPDB: the first introduces the database and provides examples of its current and potential use in research projects; the second offers hands-on computer training on the UPDB Limited Query Tool; and the third explains the regulatory process for requesting access to the UPDB for a specific research project.

Session 2: Utah Population Database: Use of a Pre-Research Query Tool

Access to a limited amount of data from the Utah Population Database (UPDB) is provided through a UPDB Limited Query Tool. This web-based query tool may be used by investigators for pre-research or preliminary studies. This presentation will provide hands-on computer training for the use of this query tool. The query tool returns de-identified, summary results which may be used to provide preparatory information for research projects and grant applications, such as selecting a cohort of individuals for analysis. Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval is not required to use the UPDB Limited Query Tool.

Completion of Session 1 is required before attending Session 2 or Session 3.

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